about mako

A creative based in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand

Aspires to build smarter collectives, transformative art, projectional social programming environments

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major works in progress

Crycog (working title): A puzzle game about trying stuff and figuring things out, or if you enjoy reading the text logs, about protecting a good future from a bad one.

Witching Lands: A compact tabletop game about negotiating changing lands and irreconcilable differences. Optimisers, and how peace could arise between them.

Vok (working title): An internet built around user-owned structured reactive data. A projectional system shell/IDE for distributed reactive programming. We should talk if you're doing similar things, but I'm not actively seeking collaborators cause I'm not sure whether my language designs are insane yet. I should make the prototype alone. Most projectional language design is pretty insane, because it's all unfamiliar ground, none of us know what we're doing.

Neschat (working title): A realtime global forum with self-respect. Very early stages but the need and the passion is real. Made with rust and druid to be fast and light. Might do some p2p stuff? Probably going to do decentralized identity and subjective web of trust moderation.

Tactic Network (indefinitely delayed): A small, chill, snappy, turn based tactics game for mobile platforms about a changing group of Spiriotes going on a journey through four enormous god-bushes.

A cultural project

visions I need help with

Propinquity Cities

A software/legal schema for a fluid type of city where land is allocated in whatever suggested arrangement minimizes unnecessary moves while maximizing propinquity (good adjacency) according ticketholders' (residents) desire expressions and the city's aggregation law, obviating rent, restructuring the city to optimize the needs of its communities, enabling much better standards of living. Anyone with insight into numerical modeling, voting theory, policy communication, construction or urban economics please get in touch and help me to either discredit or implement it.

No city that exists now is good. I'm not sure it's possible for any city built under our laws to be good. In all of our cities there is an economic ratchet that lowers service quality while increasing the cost of living exactly until it reaches the point where our networks and investments in the city are only just barely worth the pain of staying. Proq offers an alternative.

Tastenet (working title): A social tool that uses webs of trust to select the curators of content tags in a way that is decentralized, scalable, manageable, and in many cases subjective. I believe this would make content tags vastly more useful than they previously have been, giving rise to an extremely robust, unprecedentedly human-centric way of discovering information and having productive conversations about it.


Mutation and Agency: A vaguely interactive abstract frustration about memetic evolution and agency. (android app)

Mirror Chamber

A short story/thought experiment/speculative scifi about why we need to have a concept of anthropic measure that is related but conceptually distinct to the agency behaviors of consciousness. It wasn't totally clear to me that there existed a hard problem of consciousness until I found this thing. I think it clarifies a lot.

Being Patient with a Challenging Reading: A short story set in an era of long reflection, where things have mostly turned out alright. Written as a part of Issue 1 of the sleep-advocacy project; Zs (it got in Zs because it depicts a time and place where it's very much alright to relax, extols the virtues of napping) https://somnotica.com/issue-1/being-patient-with-challenging-reading.html

The Praises of Nayru: Link's Awakening: It's canon that Link met the goddess of wisdom, prior to Link's Awakening. What might have happened if he had lingered longer in her company and become an unbearable consequentialist goth with strong feelings about simulation ethics, before arriving at grim Koholint? Do not read this, it's awful. Epub version

The Transparent Society: A radical transformation we should probably undergo: An overview of all foreseeable advantages and disadvantages that a successfully implemented society-wide radical transparency would have. Desperately needs a followup discussing a strategy for implementing radical transparency in government and industry.

technical output

termpose: A pretty format for expressing tree-shaped information (this page generates from a piece of termpose, btw c:) https://github.com/makoConstruct/termpose

jostletree: A data structure for modeling tightly packed objects in a line, or for weighted sampling without replacement. I'm going to be shocked if it turns out that I'm the first person to name and chart the applications of this considering how simple it is and how often people need weighted sampling without replacement, but it seems like this really might be novel. I haven't looked into it yet.

web of trust cluster approximation: A so far untested, but highly principled design for making large webs of trust more efficient to query.