I could give you dry, thoroughly argued forecasts, and you could read those, and eventually be beaten into agreeing about a bundle of possible outcomes, but you wont feel the impending reality it until you apply your own imagination to it. To really get it, you need to see the stories playing out in front of you.

Here I compile some of the stories I've written. A lot of it is true.

33 No You're Just a Shadow of The Real World (VR becomes Real Life.)

45 Every Last Person Chooses (How do you save the ones who don't want to be saved?)

50 drēamere (Survival and thriving.) (I'm not currently happy with this one)

210 Being Patient with a Challenging Reading. (The greatest possible nap.)

340 Mirror Chamber A short fic and thought experiment finding that the hard problem of consciousness is real. Just a scratch on the surface of the mystery, exposing a hint of its strange light.

5630 Rome (Some things never change.) (Just the first chapter. Doesn't make for a good stand alone story.)

23e9737 Observer (The first chapter will not convey the full plot or tone of what is to follow, but this is going to be a piece of existential horror and then, I hope, a piece about acceptance and transcendance.)