Bokik is a font designed to make the shapes of words clear and unique, in the hope that it will become possible to read faster, with fewer errors (or at smaller font sizes). Unfortunately, the most extremely pronounced shapes don't all closely resemble english letters, so it takes a bit of work to learn, but this is unavoidable. Even if I could get readers to read at the original rate, learning to read even faster will probably require the reader to adjust to the font.

To facilitate learning, I made a bokik trainer program.

Try to interpret the bokik line. Compare your expectations to what you actually see moments later, and update your expectations accordingly. If the human brain works anything like artificial neural networks, this could be a highly efficient way to learn. So that's a whole additional question I'd like to study.

I haven't tried using the trainer seriously myself, yet, as I'm planning on making a few improvements to bokik next time I have convenient access to a good font editor. (On nixos, it's irritating to get fontforge to work properly, and fontforge isn't very good. I'm not sure why I ever bothered with birdfont. I'd love to try runebender, but the build doesn't work. I could probably get these things to work if I were willing to spend an hour on it, but I've expended my time budget for this. Assistance would be welcome.)

The "sentences" modes draw from Inadequate Equilibria, a book about learning to know when to follow and when to lead (when to hold em, when to fold em) (when to bide, when to fight).

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